The Problem with Battery Carroll

by shannongarrison

Karina, Jon and I spent the day surveying CWDW parks in the Southeast, focusing on Fort Greble, Battery Carroll and Fort Ricketts. All of the sites pose interesting design problems, though Battery Carroll initially seemed the most challenging of the three. The triangle-shaped park is bordered by a busy intersection at one corner and a highway on-ramp at another. It’s difficult to walk to as the sidewalk ends a half-block before the entrance. Actually, there isn’t really a park entrance, the area has been left wild. It’s heavily wooded and there are no amenities or trails that cut through the thick growth.

Some of the trees could be cleared for tables and BBQs but, because of the odd location, I doubt this ever going to be a spot someone would want to go to for a picnic.

Which made me think, maybe the NPS has the right idea here. Perhaps the best thing you can do at Battery Carroll is let the tall trees and dense foliage block the sights and sounds of the I-295, which borders the park’s west side. Some sprucing up around the perimeters may make Battery Carroll more attractive but in many ways, this site still serves as an active defense for residents of the surrounding apartment buildings.

The video below gives you some idea of the problematic location and our team’s first impressions.