Forgetting what’s in DC’s own backyard

by Molly

We’ve talked a lot so far about how DC’s highest terrain–selected for its strategic visibility–has become the most invisible part of the city. The latest discovery that proves the fact is a travel itinerary from DC’s own Washington Post.

The column, entitled “Civil War History Tours,” is geared towards Civil War buffs and highlights sites of interest in and near the Washington area. Guess which 19 sites are not included?

Admittedly, the article is from 1996; more recent travel columns may have given more attention to the Fort Circle Parks Civil War Defenses of Washington. But even this Going Out Guide published last year in honor of the Civil War Sesquicentennial includes just Fort Stevens and Fort Ward (along with other non-CWDW sites).

Further proof that Washington does not think of the forts as a single 37-mile entity. (If it even thinks of them at all.)