Promoting the Parks

by beccalederer

It’s inspiring to look back on the beautiful advertisements that the National Parks Service, the US Travel Bureau, and the old rail companies have used to promote the national parks. With catchy slogans like “See America” we now equate “America” with sublime landscapes. The places depicted are usually the sites that induce gasps and extensive photography. The National Parks Conservation Association has made available online a few of their previous ad campaigns. While they address the consequences of the large human presence on these sites, they too draw the viewer in with monumental and iconic landforms and architecture.

It makes me wonder – how do you provocatively promote a site that is human-scaled? How can we make the visitor gasp and whip out their camera to capture the CWDW from every angle imaginable?

images in this gallery are mainly from, and The National Geographic site also has some amazing old photos from some of the most well-known parks.