Fort of the Rings

by Molly

If you’ll forgive three very-less-than-perfect sketches, I thought it was worth sharing these sections and impressions of Fort Slocum from last week. The vegetation pattern is a series of concentric circles today at the center of the site,

sometimes mimicking the line of rifle trenches and moat,

at other times deviating from those dips in the landscape.

As a result of this growth pattern, the experience of the site is one of surprise and discovery. Just when you think that the whole 100 yards of path ahead of you will be as dense as the 50 yards you just climbed through, you realize you’re in a clearing at the center of the woods, at the center of the park, and perhaps at the center of the original fortification. If that’s true, then the views would have been different then (beginning with the basic fact that there were views, unobscured by dense, mature trees), but perhaps the sense of openness at the center of a tangled mess is a shared experience.