A Call to Action – The Committee of 100

by tishaallen

The Committee of 100 on the Federal City released a “Call to Action on the Fort Circle Parks Draft Management Plan” in 2003.  This document echos many of the concerns and opportunities we called out during our SWOT analysis exercise last week and is a worthwhile read (see link below).

The end of Chapter 3 in Part II of the CWDW Historic Resources Study covers the demise of the Fort Drive project.  In discussing the reasons for its failure, one quotation resonates: “Fort Drive simply never captured the imagination of Congress.”

As we push forward with recommendations and possible interventions, how can we build off of and push the envelope beyond the recommendations presented in the Committee of 100 report?  How can we capture the imagination of Congress, the National Park Service, and local residents with our design?

CWDW Call to Action Report – 2003

Other related documents are available on the Committee’s website.