The Paradox of Parks

by tishaallen

“The Fort Circle parks do not honor the Underground Railroad, the thousands of enslaved Africans who sought sanctuary there and built some of the city’s first black communities, the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), nor the students who integrated Sousa Middle School on park grounds, and certainly not the birth of funk and go-go music or the Coming Home traditions that are celebrated in African-American church, class, and family reunions in the city’s parks.”

This is an excerpt from “The Paradox of Parks” a publication by anthropologist Brett Williams.  From 2006, this publication discusses the importance of urban parks and the role they play in shaping community and identity through the lens of Fort Circle Parks (CWDW).

This piece has a little something for everyone and touches on issues of planning, shifting ecologies, and the history of park systems in D.C. as related to Fort Circle Parks.Williams_The Paradox of Parks