CWDW in the headlines

by Molly

Our Historic Research Team has been working to cull from the wealth of information about the Defenses, in order to make the strongest case for the sites’ significance based on these just-the-headlines distillations (which we’ll show on Thursday).

Fittingly enough, headlines-wise, here’s the first: a graph of all of the Washington Post coverage of the sites over time (# of articles per year), charted alongside the waxing and waning public interest in the Civil War (as identified by Benjamin Cooley in Mr. Lincoln’s Forts). This latter data is reflected in the graph’s purple region, which is an abstract, rather than scientific, curve based on Cooley’s assessment. Lastly, we’ve highlighted a few key events and developments (and will identify a few more) to track potential reasons why coverage (and public consciousness) of the forts would rise and fall.

Stay tuned for other summations from the HR Team…