Best Sign…Ever.

by samanthakuntz

What signage is most effective?  For me, it wasn’t the standardized “cannon shot,” even at the site with the actual cannons present.  It was the grade school style, bulletin board offering from Fort Foote.

It may not have looked as professional or anywhere near as aesthetically pleasing as the standard NPS issue, and it may have been weather worn near to illegibility in some instances, but it was the most effective.

The posts brought your attention to key points, facts, and trivia.  Did I know that many soliders died of malaria at Foote because it was built over a swamp?  Now I do!  And it may seem like a minor point in the history of the site, but these little tidbits color the experience in a really positive way.

Forget professional signage, I’ll take laminated posts like this any day.